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Our Mission

Welcome to the Oak Ridge Outdoor Foundation and Sportsman's Club, where our mission is to ignite a passion for the outdoors, target sports, and conservation. Nestled in Mackinaw, Illinois, Oak Ridge has been a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts and a supportive ground for local non-profits since its inception on January 13, 2023.

Our Vision for the Future

Oak Ridge is not just a club; it's a movement towards greater engagement in the fastest-growing clay target sports, a commitment to enhancing local non-profits, and a dedication to sustainable land use and safety education.

What We Offer:

  • Youth Engagement: As a home to multiple high school Clay Target Teams and with aspirations to host the Illinois State Tournament, we're at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of sportsmen and women.
  • Non-Profit Support: Offering a unique venue for fundraising events, we're here to boost the impact of Greater Peoria's non-profits.
  • Safety and Conservation: With certified gun safety personnel, ongoing education, and a commitment to conservation, we ensure a safe and sustainable environment for all.

Progress and Our Next Big Step: The Heated Five-Stand Pavilion

Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors, Oak Ridge has seen remarkable progress in a short amount of time. We've successfully upgraded our clubhouse, enhanced the beauty and functionality of our grounds, and achieved full automation of our Sporting Clays Courses and Five-Stand.

Introducing the Heated Five-Stand Pavilion

Our next project is the construction of a heated Five-Stand Pavilion by Q1 2025. This facility will enable year-round shooting and introduce a top-tier trap range, offering unmatched opportunities for trap and Five-Stand shooting.

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Join Us in Making This Vision a Reality

Your support can help us make a lasting impact on the community and the great outdoors. Donate today and help us bring our vision to life.
Together, let's make every shot count for a brighter future at Oak Ridge.

Oak Ridge Outdoor Foundation Founding Donors